By Don M. Franco



  • The ten talent servant is a must read as an evangelist I found the 4 A Pattern revealed in this book fascinating. I strongly recommend this book to any lay person or member of the body to seek the wisdom contained in this marvelous writing.
    Sheridan Lake EVANGELIST

    Sheridan Lake on

  • ThIs Book is a gem. It is filled with Biblical principles that are both timeless & priceless. No matter one’s level of educatiOn; The message is ubiquitous across all classes and cultures. The author Creates a Zeitgeist of hope, healing & prospeRity !!!!

    BRian rOper mD on

  • The Ten Talent Servant is an extraordinary IN- depth book about how each of us is given an assignment on earth, and how we fulfill it will give us a wealth transfer in the next life. It shows us the importance of understanding the parables that jesus taught and how it brings us closer to the lord. It’s a wonderful, well written book every Christian should read and will enjoy!

    Mike White on

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