More on the wealth-transfer key

By Don M. Franco

More on the wealth-transfer key

"The Ten-Talents Servant And The Transfer of Wealth" book guides you on an enlightening spiritual journey that gives you access to the promised biblical wealth transfer.

Author Don M. Franco clarifies that this transfer, to be given to God’s choice servants on Judgement Day, will be used by these extraordinary servants to govern more territory or cities in the Millennial reign of Christ, as observed in the Bible’s Parable of the Talents. 

The wealth-transfer key needed to unlock the door to a biblical wealth transfer is revealed in a pattern evident throughout the Scriptures.  This pattern, which the author has termed God’s 4A Pattern, clearly operated in the lives of Adam and Eve, biblical servants of both the Old and New Testaments, and in Jesus’ earthly ministry where the Lord undoubtedly used the pattern five times to fulfill His assignment.  God’s 4A Pattern is also active in the lives of believers today.

By studying the various biblical wealth transfers, you will discover how to best position yourself for a wealth transfer.  Whether you are a church leader, a stay-at-home mother, or someone who is doing amazing things in the marketplace, this groundbreaking teaching tool will build your faith, expand your service, and transform your God-given spiritual authority.

If you strive to do noble and mighty works for God’s kingdom, "The Ten-Talents Servant And The Transfer of Wealth" text is your playbook for achieving new levels of success in God.


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